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Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

In its first edition, the Brazilian Journal of Technology, Communication, and Cognitive Science publishes papers written by postgraduate students of “Webscience: data, communication, and complex systems” class, taught during the first semester of 2013, by the Postgraduate Program in Social Communication of Methodist University of Sao Paulo. The next editions will be published through the Blind Review system with semestral Call For Paper.

The course aims to equip Social Communication researchers with concepts and abilities to work in available data universe of the Web. Consequently, it enables them to create and use methodologies to get nontrivial scientific information in the field of Social Sciences.

The elaboration of this field of study has been justified since the creation of World Wide Web. This technology has allowed other ways of collaborative communications among the scientists and new ways to obtain and interlace data. Therefore, the analyses of scientific phenomena obtained a strong ally: connected database. From Open and Linked Database, scientists can elaborate new methodologies and identify nontrivial pattern in technological structures via the Web. To use a dataset with scientific purposes, the researcher must dominate the concepts and technological instruments that allows the understanding of the complex system that involve the Big Data era. In this universe, the researcher can extract value of distributed data in the network , producing new knowledge from collected and related data.

The syllabus of course includes: Fundaments of information theory and nature; Theory of complex system and internet; Technological configuration of the internet, Web, and telematics networks in mobile devices’ Fundaments of WebScience and DataScience; Analysis of scientific phenomena in Social Communication with assistance of digital tools and database on Web; Construction of structured information through Open data, Linked data, Big data, and Web of Data. New ways to collect, relate, and analyzed data on Web with focus in Social Sciences; Achievement of nontrivial information; System of datavisualization; Analysis of human behavior though data in social media, in mobile devices, and online communities; Research methods using data from crowdsourcing; Copyright and Creative Commons; Surveillance, privacy, and personal data; Economics of Digital Information; Transdisciplinar and computacional thinking; Social networks and technolog;. Computational systems of Collective Intelligence , collaborative production, and Social Computing.

Scientia Vinces

Ph.d Walter Teixeira Lima Junior

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